January 20, 2008

Why I decided to write this blog?

I sometime drink Japanese sake, because I'm Japanese and I live in Japan. Of course, japanese general liquor shop has many kind of liquors, beer, whiskey, wine and so on. If we want to get 'Beaujolais Nouveau', it is easy to get at the release day.

However, a sake (especially locally-brewed) has good flavor and taste not far behind from famous liquors on the world. If I can make the introductions of fascinating japanese locally-brewed sake story, I really think that it's my pleasure :-)

Finally, my English is very cheap that you may have already seen. Honestly, this blog is combine learning of my study for English writing.
If you find a mistake of some fault on this blog related with grammer and words. It's happy to correct some fault and grow up this blog's presentation for me :-)